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Jeep Wrangler 2021-Present 392 4 Door - Rear Plate System

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Floor Access Door

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The Jeep Wrangler 392 Rear Plate System is designed and built with industrial grade plywood and coating using our propriety spray methods for superior durability and wear resistance. The 392 Rear Plate System does not allow for options for Subwoofer or Access Hatch, like the JLU, due to the fact the 392 comes equipped with a Factory Subwoofer and in-floor storage compartment in the rear of the Jeep.

This Plate System allows the user to easily install various Jeep Specific modules including single and double drawer systems as well as the ever famous Icebox module and the new CampKitchen 2.3 for Jeeps. The plate system also makes a great platform for securing your own storage or gear including dog crates, other fridge slide brands, etc.

Installation requires the permanent removal of the carpet flooring between the two sides panels of factory plastic. Access to the factory jack will remain with a removable part.

This Plate System is NOT compatible with the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. 



Important Notes on Modules and Fridges

Due to the large factory subwoofer located on the passenger side of the vehicle and the shallow depth there are some notes to take into consideration when outfitting with refrigerators and or storage modules.

Product weight is only 28.1 pounds.

Subwoofer Version only

Since the factory subwoofer protrudes into the vehicle space quite a bit we have had to reduce the width of the modules offered to our standard 19-3/16" width and paired it with a new line of 18-3/16" wide modules. Which means you can install an IceBox or a CampKitchen in the 19-3/16" width and pair it with a single or double drawer module that is 18-3/16" wide.

Fridge locations in the Jeep JL & 392

The depth of the Jeep JLU & 392 interior is shorter than the JK and therefore, if you are planning on using a CampKitchen or IceBox module you will only be able to fit an Engel 45, or the Dometic CXF40, ONLY if you remove the rear handles. On the passengers side there is more depth and you can fit the ARB 50 or similar sized fridges.


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