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Rapid Locking Air Chucks

Regular price $54.99

Single Chuck or Set of 4

In stock

After 8 months of engineering, we are proud to introduce the new EZ FLATE Rapid Locking Air Chucks!

Designed specifically for a more universal fitment including APEX RPV's, Toyata recessed wheels, metal TPMS stems, and so much more!

Usage is the same as with our Dual Locking Air Chucks.  Push till connected, and pull the sleeve to release - simple to do with one hand!

If you already have the Dual Locking air chucks, and they are working well on your valve stems, you do not need to upgrade.  However, if you have troubles with fitment, or have the Slim Chucks, these are a great upgrade!

Please Note:

  • The default is for an order of 4 and includes Teflon tape
  • If you only need one, please select "Single Chuck"
  • If you need one to upgrade a single tire hose line, please select "Barbed Chuck" in the option above, and it will come with a hose barb and clamp

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