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The Walkabout Roof Top Tent combines exceptional quality, innovative design, and a comprehensive set of features, making it the ultimate choice for soft shell roof top tent camping. Experience the outdoor life in comfort and style with the Walkabout.

The new Walkabout Roof Top Tent is the flagship softshell roof top tent that sets the standard in the industry. The Walkabout embodies 23Zero’s commitment to quality and innovation, delivering exceptional features and functionality.  Offering a wide range of sizes, it features an entrance overhang that provides protection from rain and snow. With its durable alloy frame, metal parts, and ECO13B fabric incorporating Light Suppression Technology (LST), it ensures a comfortable and restful sleeping experience. The spacious interior, huge windows, and convenient entrance overhang make it a versatile choice for mounting on various vehicle. The Walkabout is the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking affordability, reliability, and top-notch performance.


  • Four Size Options: The Walkabout is available in four sizes – 56 (Full Bed) – COMING SOON IN 2.0, 62 (Queen Bed), 72 (King Bed), and 87 (We just call it HUGE), catering to different sleeping preferences and needs.
  • ECO13B Fabric with LST: Crafted from eco-friendly ECO13B fabric with Light Suppression Technology (LST), the Walkabout offers a sustainable and durable solution while ensuring a dark and restful sleeping environment.
  • Enhanced Transit Cover Design: The Walkabout features an improved transit cover design with wide reinforced dog ear-like flaps, replacing traditional straps. This new design allows for easy and secure fastening of the transit cover, enhancing convenience and peace of mind during transportation.
  • Four Season Comfort: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the Walkabout provides exceptional 4-season functionality. Optional winter insulators are available to further enhance thermal insulation during colder months.
  • 3″ Rebound Mattress: The tent includes a premium 3″ thick Rebound Mattress with a cotton top and waterproof base, eliminating the need for an additional condensation mat.
  • Versatile Vehicle Compatibility: The Walkabout is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, fitting almost any size vehicle with the appropriate roof rack. It is recommended to use a roof rack capable of supporting 180 lbs. dynamic weight.
  • Extensive Accessories: To enhance your camping experience, the Walkabout offers a variety of accessories such as annexes, ladder rung covers, fitted sheets, winter insulators, security nuts, organization and kitchen hangers, lights, and more.
  • Replacement Parts: 23Zero stocks a wide range of replacement parts specific to the Walkabout, ensuring years of continued use and easy maintenance.
  • Mounting Hardware: The Walkabout includes a comprehensive mounting kit and a telescoping ladder for convenient setup and access.

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